Hope Harbor partners with a variety of professionals to provide a holistic approach to healing. Our goal is to educate other service providers about sexual violence and Hope Harbor services that are available. We offer trainings for medical, legal, education, mental health, and community based service professionals.

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Available Trainings

Hope Harbor Services Training

Covers all the basics of the free services offered by Hope Harbor; crisis intervention, emergency medical and legal advocacy, counseling, and community education. It is tailored to meet the needs for law enforcement, medical personnel, school faculty and staff, social workers, criminal justice professionals, correctional staff, and other community-based groups. Our services training will help your agency learn about your local rape crisis center.

Child Sexual Abuse (Professionals)

Teaches individuals the definition of child sexual abuse, how to recognize it, appropriate reactions to disclosures, legal responsibility to report, and where to go for help if a child you know is being abused.

Dating Violence for School Nurses

Teaches early warning signs of teen dating violence, and current reporting laws.

Survivors’ Response to Sexual Violence

Customized for professionals working with survivors of sexual trauma seeking to gain a better understanding of the neurobiology of trauma, common phases of response, and how to offer support. Survivor response to sexual trauma varies, but studies show those affected by sexual trauma should feel empowered and be given support.

Rape Culture, Awareness and Prevention

Informs on current laws, consent, the history of rape awareness programs, and the shift towards prevention and culture change.

What App is That?

A training for parents and educators- Participants gain an understanding of current popular apps that youths are using, how to start the conversation of being online, and setting boundaries online.

Talking to Kids about Violence in the Media

Teaches how to start the conversation of talking with children about the violence in media, appropriate responses to culture change, and healthy boundaries.


Survivors Response and Hope Harbor Services (Law Enforcement, Medical, Mental Health, Post-Secondary Education)

This training is designed to help law enforcement officers have a greater understanding of the common responses during and after a sexual assault, role of the advocate, and Hope Harbor services and resources available. If your agency would like more information on this training, please contact systemsadvocate@hopeharbor.net or call (270) 782-5014.

Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

This training is customized to all staff working in confinement settings, such as local jails, detention centers, youth residencies, halfway houses, and addiction recovery centers. PREA is much more than paperwork and regulation; it’s about helping those affected by sexual trauma get the help and resources they need. If your agency would like more information on this training, please contact systemsadvocate@hopeharbor.net or call (270) 782-5014.

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