Men and Boys

Stereotypes and forced silence around male survivors of sexual assault has created an environment that creates barriers for men to disclose abuse and seek support. Men have been erased and left behind by the idea that sexual violence is a women’s issue. Hope Harbor will provide the same quality of services to any survivor, regardless of gender or who the abuser was. The unique experiences of men and boys who are survivors are recognized by Hope Harbor and we want to offer support to recover.

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Sexual assault in the LGBTQ+ community statistically occurs at higher rates than the straight/cis community. We understand the barriers that would keep someone who is LGBTQ+ from reaching out for support. Hope Harbor is here for you. Our staff and advocates are knowledgeable and respectful of everyone’s unique identities.

Human Rights Campaign: Sexual Assault and the LGBT Community


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Immigrant and Refugee

Reaching out for support after experiencing sexual violence can be overwhelming for some. Confidentiality will be upheld when accessing our services. In the client’s best interest and comfort, interpretation services are available. Hope Harbor acknowledges the difficulties in navigating support services when you have moved to a new location and your language is not widely spoken. We are here to accommodate and support.

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Intimate Partner

The majority of sexual assault survivors knew their abuser prior to the assault(s) and for many survivors that abuser was someone who told them “I love you.” Leaving a relationship where abuse has occurred can be difficult due to available resources and the emotional ties between those in the relationship. By offering confidential services, Hope Harbor is able to offer support and information to those who are seeking resources or ideas on how to leave this type of relationship. For services we cannot provide at our agency, we will connect you to resources in your community.

We recognize the complex emotions involved and the manipulation that may have occurred. Intimate partner violence can look a variety of ways including restricting funds or resources, isolating from loved ones, physical intimidation (throwing furniture, punching walls), verbal threats to harm themselves, you, or someone else. This violence can also include being persuasive for sex. Everyone, regardless of relationship status, has the right to say no at any point. Hope Harbor believes everyone has the right to their body and you should always be shown respect.

Barren River Area Safe Space

Information on Protection Orders

Safety Planning


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Persons with Disabilities

Hope Harbor makes it a priority that our services are available to those with any ability. All of our offices have accommodations for those who use wheelchairs or other mobility aids. Different abilities can make some vulnerable to be taken advantage of and reaching out for help from loved ones and professionals can be difficult. Everyone deserves the best support. We will listen and Hope Harbor will do what is needed to ensure you are comfortable and accommodated.

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