Still Not Asking For It, A Podcast by Hope Harbor, Inc.

Welcome to Still Not Asking For It! A podcast brought to you by Hope Harbor: A Sexual Trauma Recovery Center in south central Kentucky. We offer regular episodes where Hope Harbor staff, volunteers, community partners and community members will discuss issues that surround sexual violence and rape culture. We hope to be a resource for survivors, anyone who knows a survivor (which is like everyone), and professionals to improve understanding around these issues. We follow an intersectional framework; highlighting the complexities of trauma with intersecting identities within the episodes’ topics and discussions. Content warning: Each episode discusses sexual assault, trauma, and other potentially upsetting themes to those who have experienced injustices and harm.

For questions or topic suggestions, you can email us at

To talk to someone 24/7 you can reach us at 270.846.1100

You can find us wherever you listen to podcasts! Thanks for tuning in!

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For deaf and hard of hearing accessibility and more options for our listeners, we have added transcriptions of our episodes to read our content. We use Podscribe and those transcriptions can be found here.